Gree Opens English Corporate Site – How About Others?

Gree has launched its company site in English today.

It is a recent trend for big three social networking services to show their interest in international market. All of Gree, Mobage-Town and Mixi want more third party game/app development companies, and when competition is tough in Japan, of course it is a good option to find development companies from oversea. Gree’s new English site must be part of their international strategy.
DeNA, Mobage-Town company, has been using English site, at least since 2007. Their English site has more information. (though the top page seems not spell-checked)

Mixi, which does not have a company English site, however has a developer site for English speakers.

But after switching English-Japanese couple of times, I became to be unable to see English pages.
As you see on my posts, I am not capable to tell how good (or bad) their English are. Do you think that having any English page is better than not having it? How much will it affect your business?

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  1. Definitely needs English spellchecking on the DeNA opening page! If you are going to do it, do it right. Having English pages is a necessity for global communication.

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