9 Out Of 10 Japanese Mobile Users Disinclined For Using Real Name

According to the research [J] by Tokyo-based MMD Laboratory, 89.1% of mobile web users are reluctant to disclose their real name on the web.
You privacy data on social networks/blogs
88.2% does not like to upload their portrait, 90.8% for contact, 84.9% for company name, 69.8% for location information (by GPS).
They also asked if the user uses real name on Mixi, Twitter and Facebook. On Mixi, 16.5% use their real name. 7.0% on Twitter. On Facebook, though the quantity of responses was not enough, 51.3% users set real name. Facebook requires you to use the real name and caution that you can be banned without real name so it is not strange, but still half of Japanese are not using real name there.
Facebook Japan local manager Taro Kodama told that Facebook would keep the same real name policy in Japan.
The questionnaire was done with 2130 Japanese cellphone web users so it does not reflect how PC users feel.

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  1. Not surprising… just look at Mixi, it’s absolutely full of nicknames and pet photo avatars.

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