NHK Website Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Biz Stone And Jun Murai Interviews

NHK Online, Japan’s public broadcasting organization makes a special website about its 15 years internet activities.
The NHK Online History, a Flash contents, is quite interesting as it covers Japanese and the world Internet news and trend for last 20 years.
Here is the video version in English.

The site also has “special interviews” of Japan’s “Internet Father” Jun Murai and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Jun Murai’s interview is all in Japanese. His talk is about how inter-university networking research project was run in Japan, how a free Japanese font made by a single person spread to realize Japanese processing over the internet, how should the internet research and discussion be done for future, etc.

NHK releases 15th Anniversary Dance themes Arigatou(Thank you) and Omedetou(Congratulation). Domo-kun is also dancing there.

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