Facebook Adds Mixi Connector For Japanese

Facebook has just released a new export tool to connect itself with Japanese competitor social networking service, Mixi.

The tool on Facebook, named “Facebook to Mixi wo Rinku”(Link Facebook and Mixi), will take you to Mixi API’s approval page.

Which asks the following permissions you allow to the Facebook connector to do on Mixi data,

  • get nickname and profile photo on Mixi
  • get Mixi friends(Maimiku) and group info
  • get Mixi Voice(microblog) status/like/comments of yourself and your friends
  • get/delete your Mixi Voice status/like/comments
  • get Mixi friends’ update

When finished, your Facebook updates which are shared to all users, will be shared on Mixi side. Here, my test Facebook note is shown on my Mixi Voice,

What this tool do are all within regular Mixi API functionality, so it is possible that Facebook Japan just made it without asking Mixi.

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