AR Cheburashka(Чебурашка) in Inokashira Park

Russian character “Cheburashka[J]” is very popular in Japan. A new movie[J] is shown on December 18th.  Then, Augmented Reality company Tonchidot executed the collaboration campaign by using Sekaicamera.

Sekaicamera users were able to see 3DCG of Cheburashka by using Sekaicamera in Inokashira-Park(Kichijoji, Tokyo).
“Cheburashka lines up at Cheburashka goods tent sale”
You can take very interesting photos with Cheburashka overlaying the scenery of the real world.
You can change the size of the Cheburashka’s 3DCG
Cheburashka on the tree
Big size!!
But, it was a shame that the campaign only ran for three days (October 9th-11th).  It was too short! I wish that it continues until the movie’s release date.

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