Augmented Reality App Sekai Camera Now Available On The Web

Japan’s Augmented Reality poster company Tonchidot has brought its hit app Sekai Camera to the web. It’s now the fourth platform the app is available on, following versions for the iPhone, Android, and the iPad.
Dubbed Sekai Camera Web, the online version is pretty simplistic (which is not too surprising for an alpha version). It basically allows users to view “air tags” posted by Sekai Camera users around the world on a map in real time (Tonchidot calls this “Realtime Air Tag Stream”).

If you’re registered and logged in, you can view details of the tag in question or add a comment, directly through the web interface.
Sekai Camera Web also lets you connect to other social services, namely Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. It’s possible to “like” tags on Facebook or post them to Twitter. Sekai Camera Web also allows you to search for your friends on these three services, connect with and follow them.
Sekai Camera Web is currently available in English and Japanese.

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