Package Delivery Only By Twitter Name Begins In Japan

Softbank Group’s Meru-Ado Takuhaibin (means “Email Address Door-to-Door Delivery”), which we reported last December, lets people send parcels only by e-mail address, i.e. without knowing the recipients’ real address, now start supporting emerging messaging endpoint, Twitter.

When a sender shows their intention to send a package to another Twitter user, this service asks to the recipient if s/he would receive it. Then, when the package is really sent to the agent, they will ask the recipient’s address and the address will not be informed to the sender.

Their website shows three major use cases of the service;

  • to send a birthday present to your online friend
  • to receive an item you bid on auction sites without giving your privacy information
  • to send usable child cloths to a friend who moved far but only know her twitter/e-mail

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