Unfaithful Partner Inquisition Cellphone Game

“Uwaki Game@Evidence” (Uwaki = love affair) by IDAC [J] is a paid Japanese cellphone game, on which you track down your virtual boyfriends’ love affair to break up peacefully.

In the game, you are supposed to snoop around places where your boyfriend visits, such like his home and office, and seek evidences like long hair and lip mark on a cup left by another girl.

Sometimes you need to decrypt hidden code to get them. You may also enjoy a mind game by selecting your love-tactic dialogue and action anywhere only on your cellphone、gains popularity by ladies around their 30’s, a producer told to Nikkei Trendy.
The game is sold for 105 yen (US$1) on all three major carriers of Japan.
via Nikkei Trendy Net [J]

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