Japan Original Microsoft Office Assistant “Saeko Sensei” Coming Back

Did you know that Microsoft Office Assistant Clippy is not so popular (or not so hated) in Japan?

Japanese version had a Dolphin “Kairu”(came from anagram of “Iruka”, dolphin in Japanese) as default, and also had a secretary look-alike original assistant “Saeko sensei” in vivid orange suits. For people care, “Saeko” is a girls name which means “smart girl” and “sensei” is a teacher.
It is the same that this personification of guidance did not win office workers applause here in Japan, and they were removed on Office 2007. But there were some fans of her.
However, Microsoft Japan opened a teaser site this month with some movie, on which a Saeko-sensei-style actress is filming something.

As hold up on the page, Saeko sensei seems to come back on the new Office 2010. Twitter account @saeko2010 is also referred, and both say that everything will be clear on April 22nd.
[Update 2010-04-19] The 4th video today showed her face.

In the video, she talks in Osaka dialect.
[Update 2010-04-22] Now all set.

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