Yahoo! Auction Releases iPhone App

Yahoo! Auction, Japan No.1 auction website who had defeated eBay in 2002 (eBay now collaborates with Yahoo! Auction), expands [J] its frontend into growing smartphone segment with a free iPhone application which name is “Yahuoku”.

“Yahuoku” is Japanese abbreviation form of Yahoo! Auction (such like “Super Mario” becomes “Su-mari” and “Pocket Monster” to “Pokemon”) and many people call and search it “Yahuoku”, which means this app is the flagship one on iPhone.
Although the app name shows their enthusiasm, the first version does not provide seller’s management features. i.e. You can only search and bid auctions, which seems to make many Yahoo! Auction/iPhone users disappointed with low user ratings on iPhone app store.


  1. I can’t seem to find it via the iTunes link. Is it still available?
    If so, could you explain how I can add items to my watchlist on the pc and then view them on the iPhone?
    I have a ya account so I guess that should be possible..

    1. The app is only available in the Japanese App Store, but it’s still there (under the link in the article).
      On the PC, look for the blue “+” icon and “ウォッチリストに追加” on the right of each item’s page (the headline) to add items.
      On the iPhone, it’s simple:
      On every item’s individual page, there a “+”sign on the top right of the screen. Push it, select the top button (ウォッチリストに追加), done.
      The watch lists are synced.
      To view them on the PC, go to “マイ・オークション” on the top of the Yahoo auction page and select ウォッチリスト.
      On the iPhone, select the star button on the bottom (the second from the left, マイオク) and then select the top button (which says ウォッチリスト).

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