Half Of Japanese Male iPhone Users Keep Their Japanese Cellphone

Nikkei BP Consulting and AdMob ran an online research to 1,000 Japanese iPhone users. The result [J] tells that 49.4% of Japanese Male iPhone Users have two or more cellphones.
On the same research, male:female ratio is 72.3%:27.7%. Web-tan Forum [J] who reported excerpt of this paid research did not mention how much of female iPhone users keep their second cellphone.
[Update] 1 in 5 Japanese cellphone users have second (or more) sub cellphone(s), another research says. So I can tell that more Japanese iPhone users need to have a second cellphone, probably a Japanese cellphone to keep using the closed cellphone websites and app stores.


  1. It would be interesting to see how this number compares to an average Japanese male.
    What percentage of Japanese men have 2 cellphones? Did the research mention anything about that?

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