Kanojo Camera – iPhone Memorial Photo Taker With Virtual Girls

A Japanese company A2c Co, Ltd. released a new iPhone application which enables you to take pictures with 5 virtual girls. “Kanojo Camera” (“kanojo” means girlfriend).
You may choose from 5 different girls, each of who has more than 3 costumes, who can also change facial expressions. You can scale, move, rotate the girls to fit with you yourself on the photo.
The application is also sold to English market by $1.99. The English title of the app is “My Girls Camera”.
I think this idea is an extension of Purikura photo machines which is still an important socialization tools for Japanese young girls. In decade ago, this western visitor guy enjoyed a Purikura photo with anime character (third from the top, centre column).
via Macotakara.jp [J]

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