7-Month-Old Infant Tweets On Custom Twitter App

A Japanese blogger @ueblog presented his 7-month-old daughter, who is enthralled by typing notebook keyboard, a specially programmed twitter client Rukotter in programming language Python with wxPython.
Video is here,

Her twitter account is @ruko_ueblog.
The client is well considered for infants,

  • runs on full screen
  • when typing exceeds a certain number of letters, automatically submits
  • if the same letter repeats more than 3 times, cut it to 3 letters (as she sometimes sticks with single key too long)

If you let your children try, it is also recommended to suppress some system key (like Windows key), for example by another Python script keyhac [J] to make you change keybinds.
via ueBLOG | Twitter Client “Rukotter” for Ruko-san [J] Thanks to @taguchi

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