Kotaku Opens Japanese Version Of Its Game Blog

American Popular Game blog Kotaku licensed its brand and contents to a Japanese company Mediagene, after their first localized blog in Australia to open a new blog media [J] in, one of the most important countries for game industry and market, Japan.
Mediagene already has been running two Japanese version of popular English blogs provided by Gawker Media, Gizmodo Japan [J] and Lifehacker [Japanese version] [J].
Kotaku Japan introduces its 12 staff of editors, translators, column writers, manga drawer, etc [J].
Kotaku Japan’s direct competitor may be 4Gamer.net [J], which is not blog-originated but a successful online media around game information in Japan. On their media sheet they say 4Gamer.net’s page views is 40 million per month. The border between blog-based and non-blog-based professional media is not clear now.
hat tip to Kirikomi-Taicho

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