Oishiku Henkan (yummy converter) makes your food image yummier

Oishiku Henkan (lit. Yummy Converter) is a web service which adjust automatically a color balance of an uploaded JPEG image of food to make the food image look yummier.
It’s a very simple service, but the result is quite impressive. I tried with a picture of my own, and it has improved very much.
Note: uploaded images will be displayed on the top page unless you checked “画像を非公開にする“.

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  1. In case of Korea, Photoworks is very popular. Photoworks was released in 2002 or 2003 by Jung Hyosung.
    At first, Mr.Jung made this for personal usage and tried to share it for free. However, it became getting popular due to photo and blog’s booming up in Korea.
    In addition, http://www.cyworld.com or http://www.naver.com didn’t offer any online graphic tools. These circumtances drives its ‘fame’.
    Thesedays, the massive amount of photos are taken by normal people. And the size of each picture is quiet large. So, we can exprience the difficulties when we want to handle them for uploading or sharing.
    The major function of this tool are as below;
    Framing, Resizing, Sharpen, Auto Level, Contrast and so on.
    (Simple and Easy )
    Unfortunately, the program is only offered in Korean.
    If you are able to understand korean, just try to use this program.

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