Web2.0 is dead in Japan

It sounds like a joke, but the Japanese company “Web2.0, Inc.” turns out to be in deadpool in coming September 2008.

Web2.0 Inc. was established by Digital Garage, the nation leading event-ticket seller company Pia and the No.1 online price comparison service Kakaku.com on November 15th 2005 and offers Social Bookmark service PingKing. With the stronger competitors like Hatena Bookmark, livedoor Clip, Buzzurl and Yahoo! Bookmarks, PingKing could not take off and is waiting its close at the end of this month.
Apparently, naming of the company expected search engine optimization and hoped the word “Web2.0” success in Japan, however, the search results of Web2.0, Inc is 5th on Yahoo! Japan, 13th on Google (Japanese). “Web2.0” in Japan on Google Trends shows the word itself is less searched recently.

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