Anti-virus vendor Trendmicro website got hacked

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Trendmicro Japan announced that some of their website pages are found to be modified from March 9th to 12th. Those hacked pages had a virus by which visitors could have got on their PC.
Their infected page list contains both Japanese and English pages about some virus information, but we could not find the counterpart English announce on Trendmicro US page.
Trendmicro’s “Virus Buster” shares Japan’s anti-virus software market with Symantec and Source-Next. (Symantec: 32%, Trendmicro: 26.9%, Source-Next: 25.8% by *)
Nikkei ITPro reported that Trendmicro confirmed the attack was caused by SQL injection. Japanese security company LAC warns that hack attempts to Japanese websites using ASP(Active Server Pages) are observed.

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(*) BCN Ranking : Security package market share report 2007-10-09 [J]

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