Bounen Kaigi 2007 report (1)

The 5th annual year-end conference “Bounen Kaigi 2007” was held at Yahoo! Japan meeting room, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo. This year’s sponser is Yahoo! Japan.
Tokyo Midtown Roppongi
Bounen Kaigi, which name is an original word made from “Bounenkai”(year-forgetting party in Japanese) and “Kaigi”(meeting, conference) started in December 2003, by Gen Taguchi, the owner of the most influent net business Japanese blog 100shiki, and Daiya Hashimoto, a famous book review blogger (Jyoho Kogaku Passion for The Future).
Bounen Kaigi

Noticable Net Services in 2007

The first part of the conference is the Taguchi/Hashimoto’s 10 noticable websites picks.

  1. NicoNico Douga/Zisoku Nicometer Movie CGM service and its ranking
  2. Nounai Maker – Online Generator of your brain-image for fun
  3. Girl of Summer/Ustream – video aggregation mashup using Ustream
  4. Hatena Tokumei Diary - anoymous group blog by Hatena
  5. iKnow Social Network for English learner
  6. twitter
  7. tumblr
  8. Picnik
  9. Kiva
  10. Ren-ai 575 user generated Senryu(Japanese style short poem) BBS

They collected online-vote from their readers and chose interesting sites from the list. These are NOT the most popular websites in Japan, but rather sites which are getting attention by early adaptors. Some of them may be bigger in 2008.

Yahoo! Japan’s 2007 top keywords and other trend

Yahoo! Japan’s employee explained the most searched words 2007.
They also disclosed some number of search trends around Mixi, Mobage-town, Kao Cheki, Purofu, celebrity search, etc.

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