Drecom: next scandal or …?

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Drecom is a public company, specialized in making a blog tool. Drecom is viewed as a Web 2.0 company. Because they provide many RSS related services. Also they sponsor ‘Drecom Award on Rails’ which awards good Rails’ applications created by many participated developers.
Recently, Drecom’s financial activities are questioned by bloggers.
Drecom has IPOed with mere 238 million yen ($2 million) sales. And 61.8% of its sales are from Drecom’s share holders. This is not a excellent record.
Gree’s CFO, Aoyagi is publicly criticizing Drecom’s financial activity in his blog. Aoyagi said buying of a Hikari Tsushin subsidiary is very questionable. Also, Aoyagi forecasts cash insufficiency will bring a big trouble to Drecom.
Will it be a scandal? Can Drecom survive the coming year? I will keep an eye on Drecom.


  • Type: public (3793)
  • Founded: 2001 Nov.
  • Public: 2006 Feb.
  • Sales: 843 million yen (2007)
  • Loss: 114 million yen (2007)
  • Employee: 226+
  • People: CEO, Yuuki Naito (born 1978)
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