OKWave expressed its USA subsidiary opens November

OKWave, which has been providing the same name “OKWave(オーケーウェーブ)”, Yahoo! Answers like Q and A community service, expressed its new USA-office plan.
OKWave logo
The Q-and-A service OKWave started in 2000/1. It is the one of the biggest Q-and-A service in Japanese. OKWave also provides its system and user-bases to other players, such like NTT groups’ portal site “goo”, real-estate site “Homes”, etc.
OKWave’s competitors in Japan are “Yahoo! Chiebukuro”(based on Yahoo! Korea’s Answers, its success followed by US Yahoo! Answers) and “Hatena Jinriki Kensaku”(One of the oldest and the most popular service in Hatena portal).

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