Evan Williams meets Japanese Twitter Users in Tokyo

Twitter Founder Evan Williams is visiting Tokyo. During his summer vacation a party was held among Japanese twitter fans and developers named “Eban Uiriamusu shi wo Kakomu Kai(A meeting to surround Mr. Evan Williams)”.

Evan Williams
Evan Williams

He discussed with Japanse fans and developers for 90 minuites. Answering questions by questions.

These are couple questions made from Japanase fans. Here is one series of conversation.

Twitter user: I hit my follow limit. Now I need to use 2 accounts. Could you remove this limit?

Evan Williams: Can you read all twit you’re following? Do you remember all users you’re following?

Twitter user: No. But I really love twitter and enjoy it fully.

Evan Williams: Yes, I understand. But I think most of people is enough with that limit. To satisfy majority of the people we need to do something for them (to make the system stable).

Twitter user: …Ah…O.K. But I will pay a monthly charge if necessary. I can pay 500 yen (about 4.5 USD) per month.

Evan Williams: Well, we are not thinking to charge because we think it will cost more to charge. The amount will be earned by charging will be less than the cost to charge it. We have some ideas about monetizing and one of that is to charge for commercial users.

Twitter started Japanse service from April, 2008 after announcing a business tie-up with Digital Garage. According to the analysis made with Google Insights for Search, Japanese users have a hightest interest in the world.

Twitter and Digital Garage are thinking by optimizing to Japanese mobile browsers Twitter usage can be boosted more. Several companies starting Twitter clone services in Japan and even Mixi, the largest SNS in Japan introduced Twitter clone function for trial named “Mixi Minna no Echo“. CNET Japan interviewd to Evan Williams how he think about it and he answered “We’re not pleased about it“.

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