Mobile Party – mobile wedding party assistant service

Mobile Party is a website which supports Japanese wedding celemony afterparty, by utilizing atendee’s cellularphones.

In Japan, usual wedding day goes with the celemony (one of Shinto, Buddism, Christian-style, etc. no matter what their religion), formal reception and casual after-party. The first two usually involves families and relatives with few close friends (the size depends on richness and lifestyle, of course) mainly for elders, then the casual after-party (called “Nijikai”, means the second party) is held at bigger venue with more friends and acquintances, only with young people without family members and relatives.
For this Nijikai, kanji (=party organizer, could match with best man/bridesmaid) are supposed to make an good event schedule with quizes and games related with the marriaging couple.
Mobile Party is targetting for this Nijikai, and effectively uses mobile web application. That means, you can depend on all atendees have a web capable cellularphone in Japan.

By 30,000 yen (US$300), bride and groom’s profile, message boards, photo gallery, party quiz about the couple, bingo game (so typical for nijikai) and direct messaging among atendee’s (as nijikai is often a occasion for another matchmaking) are provided on mobile site.

messages typed in from atendees during party are viewable from PC website by the married couple

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