Mobage Shows How Small Teams Are Making 1 Billion Yen Revenue Per Month

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The largest it industry conference by invitation, Infinity Ventures Summit[J] was held at Sapporo in May 26th and 27th. Among many sessions, the most surprising topic came out from the mouth of Isao Moriyasu, the executive of DeNA who promised to be the next CEO in the end of June.

DeNA has been released series of games titled with the word “royal” proceeding after the launch of their first successful in-house social game “Kaitou Royal” (English title is “Bandit Nation”. Although being really successful in Japan, Bandit Nation closed on August 31, 2010).

Those games have same common denominators as a series, do missions, battle against other players, and collect treasures. All Royal titles has been achieved more than 1 billion yen ( 12 hundred million US dollars ) sale per month.

Ninja Royal is the latest royal series released for Android smartphone. Moriyasu announced they started to develop this title with only 3 staffs at the beginning; 1 planner for full time, one another planner partially working on this project, and 3 engineers. 2 out of 3 engineers were new graduates. Then they added 2 more engineers later and released this title within 6 months.

This is an incredible case representing well how DeNA is running a highly profitable business.

Preview: 14 Startup Demos From The Infinity Ventures Summit In Kyoto Next Week

One of Japan’s biggest web industry events is the so-called Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS), a two-day, invitation-only event that takes place twice a year (Asiajin is a media partner). The fall event will happen in Kyoto next week, namely on December 7 and 8.

Organized by VC firm Infinity Venture Partners, the IVS this time has over 500 people on the guest list: for example, i-mode creator Takeshi Natsuno, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, or GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka, to name just a few (yours truly will be there as well).

There will also be a launchpad giving a total of 14 new and existing startups the chance to set out pitches (a panel of 10 judges will then select a winner and four runners up).

Here’s a (very) quick preview of all 14 demos we’ll see at the IVS next week- as tweeted out by Infinity Venture Partner Masashi Kobayashi yesterday:

Demo 1: VoiSticky (voice memo system that visualizes recordings as “stickies in a virtual space”)

Demo 2: Energy Literacy Platform (system to keep track of how much energy people use at home)

Demo 3: Gazopa (similar image search engine developed by Hitachi America)

Demo 4: Lingo Project (text correction tool to check the grammar and vocabulary in English sentences typed in a browser in real time)

Demo 5: Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition (business process management suite)

Demo 6: New service by Togetter creator Toshiaki Yoshida

Demo 7: MCS Elements 2010 by Ubiquitous Entertainment (iPad app (iTunes) containing data from “the first large-scale investigation of internet and contents consumption in Japan” by major publishing company ASCII Media Works)

Demo 8: FlashInFlash (server solution for Flash developers by i-Broadcast)

Demo 9: Odette Solution by Orso (CMS for mobile Flash applications)

Demo 10: Hatena Koko (Hatena’s LBS offering)

Demo 11: AndFriends (social app search service for Android users by milog)

Demo 12: Cheerz (service that adds social elements to web sites by Klab)

Demo 13: Botspace (a “communication tool”)

Demo 14: New service by web marketing company hottolink

This Weekend’s Three Tech Events You Must See

On this weekend, here we can get a chance to witness three great tech events in a row.

TEDxTokyo's Logo

As first of all, a Tokyo-based social entrepreneur Todd Porter, the co-founder of Tokyo International School Patrick Newell and their companions will have the first event of TedxTokyo on this coming Friday at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, called Miraikan, which is located in Tokyo’s waterfront.  The event’s official site is here.   And for those who have no chance to attend, the organizers will bring you a livecast streaming here.   The livecast will probably start in Friday morning in J.S.T., meaning around Friday midnight in U.T.C.

Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring

Secondary, an independent venture capital unit founded by three Japanese tech-finance experts, Infinity Venture Partners[J] intends to have a bi-annual presentation event for Japanese tech start-ups, which is titled Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS) 2009 Spring, in Japan’s nothern city of Sapporo, Hokkaido.   We have not confirmed if they bring a livestream on the event.    (Basically the event is opened only for invited attendees, and not all the event scenes have been disclosed for the previous editions.)

Make Tokyo's Logo

Thirdly, O’reilly Japan[J] will hold Make: Tokyo 03[J] on this coming Saturday and Sunday in association with Tama Art University, Digital Hollywood University and Tokyo Polytechnic University.   Many gadget developers and inventors come together in a place and use this opportunity to proudly exhibit their works to the public.

Following Japanese mobile carriers’ presentations on their brand new products and services for summer 2009, a number of tech events are scheduled in this season, which may make us a little bit busier.   But we Asiajin will try out best to cover these events as much as possible.   Don’t miss it.


May 26th update:

Serkan Toto, who is an Asiajin contributor as well as a TechCrunch writer, covered  Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring on his blog post on TechCrunch.   Here for Day1, and here for Day 2.