Preview: 14 Startup Demos From The Infinity Ventures Summit In Kyoto Next Week

One of Japan’s biggest web industry events is the so-called Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS), a two-day, invitation-only event that takes place twice a year (Asiajin is a media partner). The fall event will happen in Kyoto next week, namely on December 7 and 8.
Organized by VC firm Infinity Venture Partners, the IVS this time has over 500 people on the guest list: for example, i-mode creator Takeshi Natsuno, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, or GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka, to name just a few (yours truly will be there as well).
There will also be a launchpad giving a total of 14 new and existing startups the chance to set out pitches (a panel of 10 judges will then select a winner and four runners up).
Here’s a (very) quick preview of all 14 demos we’ll see at the IVS next week- as tweeted out by Infinity Venture Partner Masashi Kobayashi yesterday:
Demo 1: VoiSticky (voice memo system that visualizes recordings as “stickies in a virtual space”)
Demo 2: Energy Literacy Platform (system to keep track of how much energy people use at home)
Demo 3: Gazopa (similar image search engine developed by Hitachi America)
Demo 4: Lingo Project (text correction tool to check the grammar and vocabulary in English sentences typed in a browser in real time)
Demo 5: Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition (business process management suite)
Demo 6: New service by Togetter creator Toshiaki Yoshida
Demo 7: MCS Elements 2010 by Ubiquitous Entertainment (iPad app (iTunes) containing data from “the first large-scale investigation of internet and contents consumption in Japan” by major publishing company ASCII Media Works)
Demo 8: FlashInFlash (server solution for Flash developers by i-Broadcast)
Demo 9: Odette Solution by Orso (CMS for mobile Flash applications)
Demo 10: Hatena Koko (Hatena’s LBS offering)
Demo 11: AndFriends (social app search service for Android users by milog)
Demo 12: Cheerz (service that adds social elements to web sites by Klab)
Demo 13: Botspace (a “communication tool”)
Demo 14: New service by web marketing company hottolink

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