Japonizer – Japanese Traditional Background Image Generator

Japonizer is an web generator for background image, which generates images of traditional Japanese patterns.

You choose one out of around 30 provided traditional patterns, set a size and change colours if you want. You may download and use it for your blog, twitter or so.

The service is a part of Wanokoto.net [J], a social community site for sharing all Japanese-style things. The old monochrome photo generator which we covered in 2008 is also a part of the site.

How to sell 16 iPhone Apps At Once

A year ago, we reviewed Yahoo! Japan’s 16 free iPhone applications which icons will show a (especially in Japan and Asian countries) popular Anime character Doraemon on your home screen.

A Japanese blog iPhone Games [J] lists more of similar iPhone apps set, like Gundam, which is offered also by Yahoo! Japan,

Yahoo! Japan published Evangelion [J] ones, too.

A series of gamble e-comics Kaiji [J] has issued about 100 episodes on iPhone, and icons can make 6 character faces now.

Pop Up Camera – iPhone App Makes Your Photo Pseudo 3D

[Free download until Sunday 24th]

Pop Up Camera by Kamakura-based web development company Kayac Inc. is an iPhone camera application enables you to make semi-3D effect photo.

You take a photo, then touch area on the photo where you want to pop up.

Then you will get animated image file. Here is a sample from a blog Kaishiden,

You may also set the generated image as a Twitter icon.



The app is priced at $1.99, but until 24th Sunday it will be available for free by a release campaign.

via Kaishiden blog [J]

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Pop Up Camera Japanese version “Tobideru Kamera” [J]

A New Software Only To Bounce Brests (Or Whatever) On Image

Gazou-wo-purupuru-ni-suru-soft (A software to make image puddingy) is a tentative tool developed in C++ language by a Nico Nico Douga user YNW. You see how it works here, (you may turn off Japanese comments by the bottom-right button)

# I cannot watch the movie above from Taipei hotel now but should be okay. If your browser doesn’t go you need to go to the original page which requires Nico Nico Douga registration.

On the tool, you direct regions to move and give parameters how much it bound with area around, how it is bounced. Then dragging the image will make natural(?) movement physically calculated.


[Update 2012-06-21]

Version 3.0 and its demo was released.

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The tool download page [J] – you need a password written on the original Nico Nico Douga page’s description

[Update 2012-06-21] new version 3.x download page

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Oishiku Henkan (yummy converter) makes your food image yummier

Oishiku Henkan (lit. Yummy Converter) is a web service which adjust automatically a color balance of an uploaded JPEG image of food to make the food image look yummier.

It’s a very simple service, but the result is quite impressive. I tried with a picture of my own, and it has improved very much.

Note: uploaded images will be displayed on the top page unless you checked “画像を非公開にする“.