Colopl And Disney Release Location Based Card Battle Game “Disney Magician Chronicles”

Colopl Inc. [J] has released the Android smartphone card RPG app featuring Disney characters, Disney Magician Chronicles [J] in cooperation with Walt Disney Japan Inc. [J].  Download is free.

“Disney Magician Chronicles” is a game where the user becomes a magic academy student and summons the power of Disney friends, embarking on adventure to seek out the legendary “Sun Kaltia” card which is said to grant whatever you wish for.  Collect numbers and marks written by Kaltia (the card) and advance your exploration while casting magic, and proceed through the story as battles with moon magicians unfold.  You can get equipment, items and Mystic Kaltia (magic cards) from capsule machines, exploring the stages, battles with moon magicians, and clearing quests, and you can build up your Kaltia by gathering and combining Mystic Kaltia depicting various Disney characters.  It also makes use of the location game component particular to Colopl that allows you to get special items according to the place you’re at when you register your location.  This title will begin service leading with an Android version, but they are also planning an iOS release.


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Disney And GREE Release Management Simulation Game “My Disney Store”

The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. [J] and Gree [J] have released a feature phone game which simulates the management of both companies’ joint development,  “My Disney Store.” [J]

In “My Disney Store,” the user becomes a Disney Store manager, displays Disney character goods such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, Stitch, etc., in the shop, and dress up their avatar in this management simulation.  You can visit other players’ Disney Stores to work part time, trade goods with others, and give presents, as it contains plenty of features characteristic of social games.

What’s more, they plan to link with new items actually released at the Disney Store, limited seasonal events, and events connected with Disney movie productions, as occasion calls.

And finally, they are also introducing a campaign to commemorate this release; any player who inviteds a friend to My Disney Store will be able to receive a special present listed below:

– Miss Bunny bag
– Alice pot
– Minnie Mouse Cushion

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Fake Toilet Flushing Sound Keychain Meets Characters


Japanese women are known to feel ashamed even by their sound of peeing listened by other buddies. Portable noise maker Eco Hime (= ecological princess), which saves you when you are in the public bathroom accidentally does not have the built-in noise generator, are now visually improved as well with popular characters.

The characters are, Mickey and Minny, Winny the Poo, Stich, Tinkerbell, Cheshire Cat, Alien, Betty Boop, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Gachapin and Rody. It’s more fun to keep with youself.

These fake noise generator will refrain Japanese ladies from spending averagely 1-2 times of extra flush each time, which becomes 2,000-4,000 litres (500-1,000 gallons) in one month, as they say.