Coca Cola Japan’s Facebook Promotion App Stopped Two Days

Coca Cola Japan’s Coca Cola Park [J] is one of the most successful Facebook promotion is Japan. The original promotion site, which supports both Facebook and Mixi, embraces 10 million members, half a billion page views per month. Sugoi Jihanki (= great vendor machine) is a Facebook app provided in the Coca Cola Park.

On March 2nd, the Sugoi Jihanki Facebook app became inaccessible [J],

The app has been suspended for 2 days, and has recovered on March 4. Only information explained by Coca Cola Japan by its marketing lead Hiroto Ebata’s tweet was that Coca Cola side’s operation had an issue. What kind of issue was not disclosed. Ebata also requests that there should be special Facebook accounts which are not banned for this kind of huge promotion. He tweeted that he would be happy to pay for it.

At the same time, Ebata introduced his new book on the Coca Cola Park promotion. “Coca Cola Park wo 100 bai tanoshimu Hon”(= A book to enjoy Coca Cola Park 100 times more) will be published tomorrow, March 5 with 1,000 yen (US$12).

コカ・コーラ パークを100倍楽しむ本

A Blogger Taking The Same Vendor Machine Photo For More Than 5 Years

A Japanese blog “Watashi ha Mainichi (no you ni) Jidou Hanbaiki no Shashin wo Totte imasu. Gomen-nasai” [J], which means “I am taking a photo of the vendor machine (almost) every day. Sorry”, is a blog dedicated for the same coca cola vending machine in Sapporo, Hokkaido with over 5 years’ successful story.

The blog started on August 5th, 2005. The blogger Ryuichi Ikeda has been taking a coca cola vending machine about 20 days every month, which seems his working day. Now the number of photos (and the blog posts) are about 1,300, in over 5 years.

On recent entries, you see the photos of the same date in past years. He records all canned and bottled beverages name, quantity and price after photo.

Most of the posts are titled “Henka Nashi”(nothing changed). When any changes happen, he writes how the placement and the sold drink are modified on the day.

Sometimes the blog readers will mail him on unrecorded changes he had overlooked. He also records which cans are changed from hot to cold, cold to hot as seasons change.

The biggest change on this unchanged blog was on 2009-08-07 to 2009-08-08. The original machine,

was replaced with the new one,

According to Ikeda, The new machine supports Edy, one of the most popular e-money available on IC card and cellphone.

On the profile, he states that his least favorite byword is “Endurance makes you stronger”. The favorite vendor machine is “if I have it, I must be a freak”.

He began this blog because “I dislike troublesome tasks and wanted to find easy contents you can update within 5 minutes. I feel angry when there are changes on the vendor machine as it makes me write more”. He also confessed on the 3rd anniversary of the blog that he got this idea on the first death anniversary of his younger sister, who loved foolish and nonsense things.

For the case you want to see higher resolution photos of them, he uploads them on Flickr, too.

There is a fan-made tetris-like game featuring the vendor machine photos from the blog,

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