A Japanese Entrepreneur Calls For Co-Founders By Lottery Over Twitter Retweets

Kazuma Ieiri, founder of Japanese web company Paperboy & Co. [J], tweeted 3 hours ago [J],

“[RT Experiment] If this tweet is retweeted more than 2,000 times, I will start a new business with three randomly chosen (from who retweeted). You will have no obligation but listed on the board. We can think together what to do later. Half of the company share will be yours.”

and that tweet has been retweeted over 5,000 times.

Ieiri is one of the successful icons in Japanese web start-up scene. He brought up his Paperboy & Co. to JASDAQ stock market as the youngest president in history. After leaving the company, started several cafe in central Tokyo. He established some companies including Hyper Internets [J], is running Campfire [J], a Japanese version of Kickstart. And he invested several IT start-ups.

Although he was inspired by other’s April Fool’s tweet asking 5,000 retweets to disclose his company name, Ieiri said it is not a lie [J]. He is well known by many of such kind actions and is reliable on doing silly-sounding things seriously.

There are 2 hours more on April 1 in Japan Standard Time, and (though the tweet is only in Japanese,) he did not say that it is limited in Japan. If you are interested in co-founding a start-up company, the tweet is here.

USB Power Generating Pan

Japanese company TES NewEnergy announced to sell a cooking pan which utilizing disposed heat into power, which can charge cellphone or other devices via USB socket from June 13th.

They say that heat of bonfire could be over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, but energy over 212 Fahrenheit are not used for boiling water and wasted. This pan will convert the waste heat into cellphone charger. It can charge up iPhone by 3-5 hours.

The price is 23,000 yen(278 USD).

Directly converting heat-waste into electrical energy.

The year 2000 witnessed our discovery of a oxide compound
we have since developed into a material capable of converting heat-waste into electrical energy at unprecedentedly high temperatures. Thus, after a decade of research, we are pleased to confidently announce the establishment of TES NewEnergy
(Thermo Electric Systems and NewEnergy).

TES NewEnergy is born as a result of the work of AIST
( The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).

TES NewEnergy brings you a world of fresh cost-reducing possibilities, creating clean energy for incinerators, process plant , industrial furnaces, shipping, fueled vehicles, cookers/water-heaters, ubiquitous machinery etc. We can also provide emergency or back-up energy and even utilize geothermal energy.

We hope you join us as we expand renewable energy, reducing carbon-dioxide levels worldwide

via MyCom

Japan’s Kickstarter-like Online Patronage Platform Campfire To Be Launched

Japanese famous two serial entrepreneurs/web service developer unveiled they would jointly launch a U.S. Kickstarter-like online patronage platform for creators, called Campfire[J] very shortly.

Unlike a social lending service nor an online donation platform, the service gives creators and artists money raising opportunities for their new projects by collecting a small sum of money online from those who are interested in the projects.

If you raise money for a project, in return, you’ll be able to obtain a complimentary from creators/artists of the project you support, otherwise you will be kept updated with what’s happening on it.

Campfire is expected to be founded by Mr. Kazuma I-e-iri[J] (@hbkr[J]), a Fukuoka native and serial entrepreneur who’s known for having founded Tokyo-based leading blog platform operator Paperboy & Co.[J], and Mr. Kohei Ishida[J] (@kohex[J]), a web service developer of  Noryokumura[J] or a harvest home delivery service from your favorite rice farmer based on an annual contract of cultivating rice fields on behalf of you.

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