M-Trix: Android Market Specialized For Anime Porn Apps

Japanese company M-trix launched its own Android Apps Market “M-trix Market”, which targets Japanese-style bishoujyo (Wikipedia) games.

The site has an age confirmation screen,

The games list looks like this,

Exdroid reported [J] that there were over 10,000 apps downloaded only for the launch day, though the number may include free apps.

The initial launch was in July [J], and they added another category “Rejected Apps Market” where they accept Android Apps which was rejected by the official market.

There seems to be already a porn-specific Android App Market in West for long. It might be a Japanese answer to it. With Android’s system which boasts more freedom than iOS App Store, it is natural that category app stores emerge.

via Famitsu

ai sp@ce – Metaverse meets Otaku culture

ai sp@ce(pronounced “eye space”) is a newcoming Japanese virtual world service raised its curtain on 8th.

ai sp@ce logo

ai sp@ce production committee formed by Dwango(cellularphone contents, parent company of Niwango, Niconico Douga), Headlock(online game), Bushiroad and three R-18 game companies, Visual Arts, Omega Vision and Circus, are targetting 2008 summer release.

View of the virtual world is provide by 3 adult PC games, CLANNAD, SHUFFLE and Da Capo II, each has its own island and connected at the center island reproducing Akihabara.

ai sp@ce Akihabara

So it sounds that the basic system is similar with other virtual world services such like Second Life.

The differences are,

  • Japanimation-type character design from “Galge” genre (abbr. of “Gal Game”, “Bishoujyo Game”, bishoujyo means beaufitul girl, or “Eroge”, erotic game. Manga/animation style pornographic games are quite popular in PC game market in Japan.)
  • Your avatar is accompanied by Chara-Doll (or “Dle” from idle?), which follows and lives with your avatar in the same house

ai sp@ce screenshot

The service is expected to earn by selling items and lands, which is same as SecondLife.

Second Life completely lost its momentum in Japan, although there had been a lot of Second Life promotions on national TV, newspapers and specialized magazines (SecondLife Magazine and Virtual World Walker [J]). This ai sp@ce’s success could be an answer if it was localization failure (i.e. Japanese net users did not like american character designs), or virtual world business does not have much potential anyway.

Their press movie is on my vox account. If you are a Niconico Douga user, here is a link. (It is only uploaded on Niconico Douga, and embedding videos only permitted to their partner blogspaces, not for individual blog like Asiajin, unfortunately.)

notice: All images are copyrighted by ai sp@ce seisaku iinkai, and the system on the screenshots is under development

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