Yahoo! Box: Yahoo! Japan’s Online Storage Service Tops One Million Users

As the country’s biggest website, Yahoo Japan is constantly rolling out new products like mobile apps, social networking services or games. Some of them fail, and some of them turn out to be successful: Yahoo Box!, the online storage solution Yahoo Japan launched in October, belongs to the latter group.

The company pushed out a blog post, saying that Yahoo Box topped one million users – just three months after release. A very solid number, given how crowded the online storage space is. Just two examples: Naver Japan is offering 30GB for free, while Dropbox is partly localized and already popular in this country, too.

To recap, all Yahoo Japan ID users get 5GB for free, while all Yahoo Japan premium ID holders can use 50GB for free. 1,000GB are priced at 300 Yen (US$3.90) per month for premium members and at 1,000 Yen (US$13) for regular Yahoo Japan users.

According to Yahoo Japan, they have more users for the paid plan (51%) than for the free plan (49%) – this sounds high but is apparently the company factoring all premium members using the service.

Yahoo Box is mainly used for images (65.4%), documents (8.2%), music files (3.4%), and videos (0.7%).

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