Can “Moe” Catgirl Make Our Lives So Cheerful?

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Wake up in the morning, commute, work, have a lunch, work again, come back home, take a bath and go asleep – for everyday, for ever. Aren’t you bored with monotonous daily routines? A Tokyo-based company, which states creating stimulus things as its corporate mission, will probably make it happen.

Xtone[J] (pronounced as “eks-tone”), a tech start-up based near Shibuya and co-developer of Nico Nico Douga[J], introduced last week a moe-taste iPhone/iPod touch app called “Amamiya Momo“, which allows you to enjoy communicating with a virtual tsundere catgirl.

According to Japanese Otaku Lingo, “tsundere” is a term used to describe girls that are cold and strict at first or in public, but becomes all lovey-dovey when they are alone together.

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By tapping the catgirl on screen or shaking your iPhone/iPod touch, she gives you back a selected response from 200 different patterns in accordance with time and your location. If your iPhone is GPS-enabled, her behavior depends on which you’re home or not, since she is a sort of Tsundere.

The app speeches Japanese, and English subtitle captioning is also available for English-speaking Akihabaran moe-culture lovers. Her official website says, her blood-type is AB, and she is a daddy’s girl and was born the middle of three girls.

It costs JPY350 or USD2.99 and is available at any country edition of the Apple AppStore.

Author’s Note: Be careful not to mistype Amamiya as Amemiya when you make a retrieval. “Amemiya Momo” has nothing to do with the app introduced above, and she is a popular adult video actress in Japan, no doubt, especially among men.

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