Register for the New Context Conference 2008 in Tokyo (November 5-6) [UPDATE]

Canceling this year’s Web 2.0 Expo in Tokyo was considered a mild disappointment in the Japanese web world. But now it seems Digital Garage‘s New Context Conference 2008 [J], a 2-day event full of high-profile speakers from the Japanese and international Internet industry, can more than make up for it.

The event is being organized for the fourth time (some info on last year’s event can be found here [J]). This year, the conference takes place in Ebisu Garden Hall, Tokyo, from November 5 to 6.

The conference (slogan: “Open Networks come to life – post Web 2.0”) has these confirmed speakers [UPDATED]:

Jean-Marie Hullot, Founder and CEO at Fotonauts

Natsuno Takeshi, the mastermind behind NTT Docomo’s imode (now advisor for Dwango)

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, legendary game creator for Sega (now head of Q Entertainment

Lisa Sounio, CEO of social travel site Dopplr

Andrew “bunnie” Huang, VP Hardware Engineering and Founder at Chumby

Matt Flannery, Co-Founder and CEO at social lending site Kiva

Teruhide Satou, CEO at netprice [J]

Spencer Hyman, COO at

Eric Young, CEO at social learning site iKnow!

Ellen Levy, Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy at LinkedIn

Jiro Kokuryo, professor at Keio University (Faculty of Policy Management)

Loic Le Meur, CEO at Seesmic

Marko Ahtisaari, Brand and Design at mobile social network Blyk

Reid Hoffman, angel investor and founder at LinkedIn

Mitsuhiro Takemura, professor at Sapporo City University (Faculty of Design)

Hitoshi Ushiku, president and representative director at payment and E-commerce distribution service provider Econtext

Hiroyuki Watanabe, operating officer and general manager,  Nikkei Business Publications (Cross Media Promotion Bureau)

Mikihiro Yasuda, COO at price comparison site

Joi Ito, venture capitalist and CEO of Creative Commons

I would say this is a very impressive list, and even more speakers may be added soon.

You can register for the New Context Conference 2008 here [J], for free (!).

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