Japan’s Top 50 blogs

The following list of Japan’s most popular blogs is based on information from Technorati, which is not super-reliable, we know, but it’s a yardstick at least. All blogs are Japanese only but I added a short description in English to all of them. The Japanese titles are converted into Romaji (the Latin alphabet) whenever necessary.… Continue reading Japan’s Top 50 blogs

research: 40% of Japanese blogs are spam

Nifty Laboratory, a marketing research section of Nifty, which owns one of the biggest ISP in Japan @nifty, also provides big blog hosting service Cocolog, announced its new splog(spam blog) filtering technology combining several different splog finder methods. They also applied the filter to Japanese blog articles, sampled 100,000 for each month from their 450… Continue reading research: 40% of Japanese blogs are spam

Kizasi: Blog search engine and analyzer

There is an impressive number of search engines specializing in blogs. Internationally speaking, Technorati and Google’s blog search are the most prominent examples. There is also a localized Japanese version of Technorati. Kizasi (pronounced “kizashi”) is a Japanese blog search service which was started in January last year by kizasi Company, Inc. This is kizasi’s… Continue reading Kizasi: Blog search engine and analyzer