NTT-IP Invests In Taiwanese Smartphone Artist Messaging App “CUBiE messenger”

NTT Investment Partners Inc. (NTT-IP) [J] has announced that they will invest 275,000 USD through their managed funds in the Taiwanese Cubie Inc., which offers the smartphone group communication app “CUBiE messenger.”

“CUBiE messenger” is a smartphone messaging app that allows real time exchanges such as photos, voice messages, hand drawn illustrations, and text messages using stamps.  It possesses the number 1 free app ranking at the App store in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.  It is also a popular app which has gained the number one ranking in the social category of the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao App Store, and it’s also known as “LINE Killer.”  With NTT-IP, the creation of new utilization opportunities of communication service through the offering of “CUBiE messenger” is expected.  Furthermore, from operation of this project, by making use of the accumulation of user needs and service development knowhow in the mobile communications market, they decided to make this investment because of its promising vision for further growth in the future.

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