Yahoo! Japan Allies With CCC(Tsutaya), Japan’s Blockbuster

Yahoo! Japan, the nation’s largest web service, and Culture Convenience Club(CCC), who runs video rental chain store Tsutaya and the center of the reward point network T-point, announced their tight alliance today after the Tokyo stock market closed.
According to the release [J], Yahoo! Japan to merge T-ID, online ID for 40 million T-point card members into Yahoo! Japan ID. Yahoo! Point, virtual reward points given on many Yahoo! Japan services, will be merged into T-point.
Both companies are to set up a new subsidiary dedicated to manage this new T-point, planned to establish in October, to finish the integration 2013 Spring.


  1. Huge data merge! Who’s set to manage? Does anyone know the team members yet?

    1. Muneaki Masuda, the president of CCC will be the head of the T-point company, the release says.
      Agree that this alliance involves massive data set. Half of Japanese could be covered by these two networks. Consumers activities will be traceable both in stores and online.

      1. Thank you for that. It seems the world has shrunk, to a point where all of our activities are traceable both in life and within the web! Like programmers I know from India frequently say to me “What to do” .. ?

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