Do-Do-Dorirando! Doriland Jingle Generator

Gree’s social card game Tanken Doriland is selling a lot, and as always, massive TV commercial being aired assisted to call more and more players to there.
About a year, when Eastern Japan Earthquake diminished most of commercials from TV, substituted public commercial buzzed with its weird jingle. This time, too much Doriland commercial seems to generate new buzz of jingle, “Do-do-dorirando”.
Cellphone ringer tone of this jingle is already downloaded over 1 million times.
Here is one of the Doriland commercial. End of the video, you can experience this jingle, which most of Japanese TV watchers, i.e. most of Japanese, are listening every day.
As the videos uploaded are not by Gree official, it could be removed soon. As the featured talent unit Tokio is from Johnny’s, which does not permit its singers appeared on the Internet, no official videos are available.
There are many blogs/tweets telling about this jingle. This new web service released by @mohayonao is pretty funny. You may compose customized Doriland jingles and share it on Twitter. (As it makes sounds in JavaScript, it only works on Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser)

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