Trend Micro’s Charisma “Cloud Girl” Security Promotion

It is one of the weirdest promotions on security solution I have ever seen. Trend Micro Japan, who sells Virus Buster anti-virus software, started a dedicated site Cloud Girl, where “charisma” cloud girls talk how they are utilizing cloud services with PC and smartphone.

The word “cloud girl” may come from recently-coined Japanese word “mori girl”(forest girl), which points a certain category of girl’s fashion, which I am totally ignorant, but you may read this explanation.
The site features, cloud girls questionnaires on cloud, snap photos and videos,
As we already reported, Microsoft Japan has been promoting its Azure cloud with another “cloud girl” Claudia.
As well as in some other countries, “cloud” is the latest buzzword for system/service providers to pitch their renamed products to enterprises. I don’t think this “cloud girl” would be the next trend after “mori girl” but some companies’ decision maker will like those girls when purchasing security solution… maybe.

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