Go! Go! Nippon! -My First Trip to Japan- : Anime Novel Game Style Japan Guide

Japanese bishojo-game (pornographic interactive game with Japanese anime-style girls Wikipedia) maker Overdrive released a non-adult, all English, still Japanese-anime-style game which features foreigners Japan visit experiences, titled Go! Go! Nippon! (Nippon is how Japanese calls Japan in Japanese).

All texts are given both in English and Japanese, so it may be useful not only for people just to visit Japan but also interested in Japanese language.

The online download site selling the game told on its official Twitter account, “This probably marks history as the very first visual novel made by a Japanese company, for western visual novel and bishoujo game fans!”
The game runs on Windows PC. The price is $13.66 in US$ or €9.95. The game is not purchasable from inside Japan.
via Hevoluson [J]

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