JournalPlus – Google+ Hot News Aggregator In English/Chinese/Russian/etc.

Journal Plus is a new Google+ hot topics aggregation service by User Local Inc., Tokyo-based web start-up known by their website and social media traffic analysis services. It collects public posts on Google+, calculate their popularity by how many times they are shared and how many times they got +1 pressed.

Besides the global popular posts ranking, there are a lot of categorized rankings. By many countries like USA news, Russian news, Chinese news, Japanese news and many others from pull-down selection on the top.
Images and Videos ranking is good to find the latest buzzed images.
The most followed users ranking is also provided, both in worldwide and by countries. All tracked Google+ user can view how their public posts were shared and buzzed on the user page. (e.g. Robert Scoble’s)

User Local says the service is now tracking 4.2 million G+ users, 6.2 million public posts. They also released the Google+ users’ nationality demographics from their collecting data.

  1. USA 30.03%
  2. India 16.15%
  3. UK 3.14%
  4. Brazil 2.98%
  5. China 2.82%
  6. Indonesia 2.82%
  7. Canada 2.57%
  8. Japan 2.07%
  9. Germany 1.95%
  10. Viet Nam 1.76

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