Silent Camera – Reducing iPhone4 Shutter Noise Even In Japan

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Silent Camera for iPhone is a domain specific application for Japanese iPhone users, who own the specially customized Softbank iPhone, on which you can not turn off camera shutter sound, which is added for Japan market, where all cellphone cameras are so to avoid camera voyeurism.
With the app, you can make the shutter sound very low. The app supports both Japanese and English.

The camera feature itself is limited and unable to take photos in the highest resolution, however, it is useful in some situations when you cannot make sound like,

  • taking dish photo in restaurant
  • taking your child sleeping
  • taking a pet which is sensitive to noise
  • taking a photo of notebook in classroom
  • in library

The app will make regular shutter sound when iPhone is facing upward, so it is not an app for taking upskirt shot. teaches a hack [J] you can suppress the shutter noise. If you play music iPod app with minimum volume, then launch camera, shoot with pressing volume down button, you can take pictures without shutter noise. But it is cumbersome.
The app costs 115 yen ($US1.4). Available here
via Tatsuwo no Changelog [J]

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  1. I can’t get this app to work. It gives me a warning window re. turning volume up, but even with my volume up to 1 or higher, the warning window does not go away, so I am unable to use it at all. I want my 115 yen back!

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