Mixi Partners With German Social Network VZ

Mixi, one of Japan’s largest social networks and a direct competitor to Facebook, announced [J] a new alliance on January 20 with German company Vznet Netzwerke.
Mixi says that both companies will standardize their social
application platforms to enable third-party social application
providers to run their applications on both networks.
Mixi announced the same type of alliances with China’s Renren and Korea’s CyWorld last September.
According to a Mixi press release [J], Vznet is the largest social
network service in Germany, and the Vznet official blog [De] makes the similar claim for Mixi as the largest social network service in Japan.
The accuracy of both these claims could be challenged depending on how you count the size of the respective networks, against Facebook in Germany and Gree/Mobage-Town in Japan.
(proofread by Adam Walls)


    1. I suspect that both companies do not expect much of substantial fruits from it, but try to impress their domestic users that they are competitive and not alone, against Facebook.

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