Think You’ve Got What It Takes? iPhone App For Japanese Thugs’ Rite of Passage

photo by Macotakara [J]

Studio MorikenStudio Moriken [J] has released a free iPhone application called
Konjoyaki that lets users experience a piece of Japanese Yankee culture.
“Yankee” in Japan does not mean North American – it refers to “bad boys” or “thugs”.

The name of the app (‘Konjoyaki’ – literally “Burn, with guts”) comes from a popular form of initiation among yakuza-wannabe high school students. In this game, if you can call it that, you prove your courage by burning yourself and your mates with hot cigarette butts.
Studio Moriken’s app is Konjoyaki minus the heat. You hold your fingers on the screen as long as possible on the screen, and the longer you press, the darker the ‘burn’ marks become.
via MacOtakara [J]
(proofread by Adam Walls)

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