Yep, Sony Killed Casette Walkman, Sharp Killed PC

Whilst Apple reported to kill the CD in U.S., there are two big Japanese companies turned out to kill other legacy products.

Last Cassette Walkman

SankeiBiz reported [J] that Sony said on 22nd that they had finished domestic shipment of cassette tape Walkman at the end of April 2010. The last 5 models (WM-EX651, WM-GX410, WM-GX788, WM-GX202 and WM-EX202) can be purchased only when they are in stock. Outside of Japan, Sony will keep selling the consignment products made by Chinese makers.

The newest model seems to be WM-EX651, was shipped on October 2004.
Sony also terminated 3.5 inch Floppy Disk sales in April 2010 in Japan [J].

Sharp stopped PC sale

Asahi reported [J] that Sharp disclosed yesterday 21st October that they had discontinued PC development in 2009, two years ago.

Sharp keeps No.1 position in Japanese cellphone market with 26.2%, over 9 million set [J]. They also are aiming at e-book market with a new brand Galapagos, the first model of which will be sold this December, 2010.

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Sharp Mebius (Note PC brand) support page pulldown list only shows until 2009. [J]

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  1. It was Walkman who laid the foundation of Sony. Then, Sony was huge company. And, human were leaned to listen to music while walking by walkman. I also have a cassette walkman. It might be a favor of Walkman that the culture of music developed so much. Thank you, Walkman!!

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