Which Twitter Clients Is Japan Using? Here Are The Top 20.

Twitter is Japan country. Just take these stats: it’s estimated that currently around 10 million Japanese are registered and that 16.3% of all web users in this country tweet (considerably more than the 9.8% in the US). 14% of all tweets out there are in Japanese, more than Portuguese (9%) or Spanish (4%).
But what Twitter clients are the Japanese using? According to news site MarkeZine, the web version is top of the list, followed by the official mobile client. But in Japan, Twitter.com is not popular a destination as it is elsewhere (see below for another list).
Here’s are the top 20 of Twitter clients used in Japan (quite a lot are homegrown):

TechCrunch just recently blogged a top 10 of clients “worldwide”, which showed the same top 2. For comparison, here’s that list (from Twitter.com’s company blog):

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