InMyBag Shows What People Carry In Their Bags

It’s very hard to churn out truly unique web services these days, but here’s a new one from Japan: InMyBag, which asks one question: “What’s in your bag?” The idea is to shoot a picture (or movie) of stuff you carry in the bags you use privately, for business, travel, sports etc. and share the contents with others.
Here’s a screenshot that shows the business bag of an “art director” (click to enlarge or go directly to the page):

If you ask what kind of problem InMyBag solves, I don’t have a good answer (apart from offering a certain fun factor), but the service itself explains that it helps you discover items based on a set of different criteria.
You need to specify your occupation when you sign up, choose a category for your bag (again: business, travel etc.) upon submission and tag items. That means once enough people have signed up, InMyBag can help you find out what items people in specific occupations should carry in their bags, the reasoning goes.
InMyBag is available in English and Japanese. The service launched earlier this week.

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