Twitter Time Signal Bot To Draw Lines On Your Timeline

@kiti_tori (which means “cutting off” in Japanese) is a super simple Twitter bot gives you only one function, drawing time signal on your timeline, made by @okihuran, @icconico and @d3gk.

By following this, when you scroll down your Twitter time line, you can easily recognize how old tweets you are seeing back without calculating small “n hours ago” to your local time.
If you want more marks in shorter periods, you may also follow these variations of the robot.

For example, if you follow @kiri_tori and @kiri_tore, you will get the lines every 20 minutes.
They also made a 24 hours notation bot @k0_0t and a mobile version (i.e. shorter line) @k0_0m
This one-idea bot began in April 2010 and the main @kiri_tori got 38,174 Japanese followers only in 4 months.
For people living in another timezone, they offer kiri_tori’s localized versions for New York time, Los Angels, London and Central Europe.
[Update] There is an English instrucion made.

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