Subway Japan’s World-First In-Shop Lettuce Factory

Sandwich chain-store Subway Japan [J] opened a new shop “Subway Yasai(=vegetable) Lab Maru Building Store” at very central Tokyo, in Marunouchi Building which locates just in front of Tokyo station. What makes the shop so unique is that there is a vegetable factory set inside the shop and it provides fresh lettuces for sandwich.

Pesticide-free lettuces are cultivated hydroponically at the “factory” placed at the centre of the store. 20 lettuces per week can be harvested, which unfortunately provides maximum only 5% of consumed amount, and costs doubly than regular lettuces you can purchase. But all vegetables brought in are also agrochemical free and the president of Subway Japan said [J] that they are trying to demonstrate their consciousness of food safety.

Subway Japan has been running Subway Yasai Lab (vegetable laboratory) [J] and the vegetable factory is researched with Leave a nest Co.,Ltd. The prototype of the factory was seen on this movie.

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  1. Well, it’s all possible due to hydroponics. And it’s really good to know about Lettuce factory. As we all know that hydroponics is totally soil less gardening. Water and mineral nutrition are only play the lead role behind this type of gardening. So this biological gardening really improves the indoor and urban gardening. And the existing post is really looking just incredible example for that.

  2. hi can you give me an e-mail from this Sub-way store to be able Contact with them >?

    1. I do not think that the individual shops in such restaurant chains are e-mail reachable in Japan. You should contact Subway Japan instead.
      However, as typical as Japanese company, I could not find any of their e-mail address. (from past releases page, they remove all contact info so I assume they do not want to be inquired.)
      Only contact I could find is their customer support toll free number 0120-019-010
      You may need some trick to call to toll free number from oversea. Also, the page says it only works weekday daytime (of course in Japan Standard Time).
      And here is a contact form, though everything is in Japanese.

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