Japanese recipe site Cookpad in overdrive, doubles sales and profits

In case you didn’t know: Japan is the only country in the world that has a listed recipe site, Cookpad. After going IPO at the “Mothers” section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange last July, its current market cap stands at a staggering $370 million.
Over the weekend, the eponymous company behind the site reported [PDF] some other noteworthy numbers:

  • sales doubled to $24.8 million year-on-year
  • operating profit grew 2.6x to $11.7 million
  • net income grew 2.4x to $6.2 million
  • monthly unique visitors: 8.96 million (up 46.4%)
  • monthly page views: 424 million (up 39.6%)

Last summer, Cookpad said it expects $18.5 million in revenues and $3.6 million net profit for the fiscal year, but now we know the actual numbers turned out to be much better.
We first blogged about Cookpad back in 2008.

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