Google Japan’s “President” Gone – Exceptional Position Of Japan Local Office Lessened

As we reported last month, one of only 6 Google presidents Koichiro Tsujino left Google Japan at the end of April.
This leave is confirmed both on the Google’s executive list, on which no more Google Japan president exists, and Tsujino’s tweet [J],

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On that tweet, he said that the day (30th April, Sunday) was his last day at Google, thanked to followers and people had made business with him. He also wrote that his twitter account had been opened as an individual so he would keep using it.
Apart from the first Nikkei’s report, there are almost no news talking about this leave and abolishing of Google Japan’s president position. There seem no company release on that. Search on “Google” News gives me no results besides two Google’s release under Tsujino’s name during April [J]. So Google Japan’s removing local president title is not a news at all.
Google Japan’s official blog also does not tell anything. The article on the April 30th is to introduce their improved local movie search. When comparing with US companies, it is true that Japanese presidents silently leave, no last greetings on company website and/or blog. But this is too silent even in Japan.
By the way, on last month, I counted 6 president title holders on the Google’s list, but now there are only 3. Two co-founders and the president of Enterprise Dave Girouard. I guess another disappeared one is’s president, but cannot remember what was the 6th one.
Anyway, Google’s management seem to become even flatter now.

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