Two Big Japanese Affiliate Service Providers To Merge To Japan No.1

Two Japanese web affiliate service provider(ASP) LinkShare Japan and Traffic Gate announced [J] to unite on May 1st, 2010. They will be the largest ASP in Japan.
Behind LinkShare Japan, there is a parent company MITSUI & CO.,LTD., aka Mitsui Bussan, zaibatsu-type sogo shosha (general trading companies) who jointly established LinkShare Japan with US LinkShare.
TrafficGate is a 100% subsidiary of Japan’s e-commerce giant Rakuten. Rakuten bought US LinkShare Corporation in 2005 so both ASP are related via Rakuten.
The new company will keep “LinkShare” brand as a company name, and said to aim Asian market on top of US LinkShare’s activities in north America and Europe under the brand.
None of four involved companies issued English press release on this merger on their sites, as far as I could search.

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